Police asking courier, logistics operators to install X-ray machines to tackle wily criminals

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Police are asking courier and logistics operators to install X-ray machines to screen packages for drugs, firearms and other illegal objects that criminals and drug dealers send via private services.

“From November 10-24, police arrested 29 suspects who had sent drugs via packages and seized evidence including more than 28,000 amphetamine tablets, 1.7 kg of methamphetamine and 118 kg of Krathom leaves,” deputy National Police chief Pol General Manu Mekmok said on Tuesday.

“The Covid-19 situation has inspired criminals and drug dealers to use private courier and logistics services to send drugs and illegal objects instead of using their usual channels,” he revealed.

Manu said he had ordered police divisions to work with private courier and logistics operators by asking them to register with the police and install X-ray machines at their distribution centres to scan every package for contraband.

“Drug syndicates are modernising their operations with the use of social media and a comprehensive network of private courier services,” he said. “They often rent a house or building as a distribution centre for smuggled drugs, while local dealers take orders via Line, Facebook or Twitter and send their drugs through private courier services.


“If you have any information about drug operations in your area, please forward it to the Royal Thai Police headquarters, or contact Hotline 1386,” he added.